Haute cotoure: runways of innovation and protests

Dior, Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier and much more. These, are just a few names of the maison who presented their collections (autumn/winter 2018-19) for the haute couture this week.


Some of them catched my attention. Gaultier, is an example. His show was closed by a female and a male model; the models were half naked (literally) and, at the top of their outfits there was the slogan “free the nipple”/”tetons libres”. This shows what Gaultier thinks: why females have to cover their chest while males don’t?. In addition, he created another outfit against the fact that in Paris it won’t be allowed to smoke in public parks.


Fendi surprised me too. Don’t get me wrong, it surprised me in a good way. The maison worked on a fake fur effect. A tailleur was made of a texture of paillettes and some jackets looked like they were made of fur;but at the touch you could have noticed it wasn’t real. However, in the fashion show there were still real furs.

Iris Van Herpen

The models walk the runway with geometric outfits; these ones have different shapes, structures and it looks like a vision of the fashion of the future


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